March Community Circle

Introduction to Lewis Deep Democracy

Instructed by Mara Verduin

Learning Journey Description

Are you looking for ways to facilitate more openhearted conversations with small and large groups? Are you looking for ways to make space for all perspectives and differences and inclusive decision making? Are you looking for ways to understand group dynamics more easily and facilitate tension and conflict in a group?

Lewis Deep Democracy offers a innovative perspective on group dynamics and hands-on methods for open-hearted conversations and inclusive decision making. With space for all perspectives and transformation of polarities, tension and conflicts. Which allows for both rational and underlying emotional and relational issues that are obstructing real conversations and broad supported decisions.

By including the wisdom, knowledge and experience of both the majority ànd minority, we can take inclusive and broadly supported decisions.

In this 90 minute introduction you'll be introduced to the basics of the Lewis Deep Democracy method: the theoretical under-layer and some of the methods based on 4 steps of inclusive decision making.

SH!FT Community circles are geared to create a culture of deep dialogue to address the complex challenges we face in ourselves and society.

What are the requirements?

Willingness to explore our views on masculinity and femininity.

What am I going to get from this Learning journey?

SH!FT Community conversations are geared to create a culture of deep dialogue to address the complex challenges we face in ourselves and society.

There is a growing need for safe and brave spaces that allow people to talk about pressing issues, be open to the shifts we are going through and vulnerably ask for support. Every new moon we will host such a space for us to grow and shift together.

At the heart of our community conversations we hold the willingness to embrace the power of dialogue, deep listening that allows for multiple voices to be heard, for relationships to be built and to share new ways of dealing with societal challenges. Crucial for communities to thrive and deepen our shared practices.

We hold council around a central question and practice the art of deep listening, while connecting with each other and listen to what is trying to emerge. We learn about community, while being in community.

About the Instructor

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