Introduction to Psychological Safety

Advocating Workplace Belonging

Instructed by Lana Jelenjev and Alycia Lee
36 spots left

Length: 90 minutes

Format: Live online session, workbook & whiteboard harvest.

Skill Level: All levels

What are the requirements?

Come with an open and engaging mind.

What am I going to get from this Learning journey?

Introduction and overview of the course objective:
Clear framing of what psychological safety is, it’s relevance, and
best applications

How to address myths and misunderstandings

How shielding and self-protection contribute to an unsafe environment

What is needed to from leadership to move from an environment of
anxiety, apathy or comfort to a supportive "learning zone"

Discussion on the benefits and goals of working in a truly safe

Interactive Q & A

Feedback and closing harvest.

Who is this Learning journey for?

Anyone wanting to learn about Psychological Safety

About the Instructors

I am abreast with current educational trends and philosophies. I can apply this knowledge in developing programs and modules for teaching in the early years. I am passionate about bringing gifted and talented pedagogy in the regular classrooms.

Leaning from my vast experience as an early childhood educator and now as a parent, I provide parent coaching and training to share valuable information on how to provide meaningful and connecting activities with your child at home. I am also a big advocate of strengthening parent-school communication and involvement.

The love for lifelong learning is a gift that we can give to our children.I teach valuable thinking and life skills to children through small group workshops and activities.

I would characterise myself as a paratrooper; someone who is at the ready to parachute into various communities to co-create, identify and execute opportunities in times of uncertainty or trauma. I believe in the importance of being a life-longer curator of collective wisdom and its power to revolutionise perceptions, lives and governance.

I see SH!FT as a meeting point for curious activators and pathfinders; those who are willing to cross into new territory or behind perceived “enemy lines” to (re)generate new ways of connecting people, resources and ideas to create inclusive and compelling futures individually, in community and globally. SH!FT allows me to explore and rediscover new ways to cultivate core and value based transformation within myself and others.

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